Tribal Liaison - Centennial Accord Plan

Centennial Accord Plan (pdf 5 mb) Thank you in advance for your patience, this document will take a long time to download due to its filesize.

The Centennial Accord Plan (pdf 5 mb), was created in accordance with the 1989 Centennial Accord and the 1999 Centennial Accord Implementation Guidelines. The Centennial Accord mandated that each state agency must have a procedure to implement effective government-to-government relations. The WSDOT Centennial Accord Plan includes the WSDOT Secretary's Executive Order on Tribal Consultation (pdf 2.51 mb), a Dispute Resolution Policy and detailed descriptions of the programs, services, and funding available to tribes from key WSDOT divisions and offices. In keeping with the Centennial Accord Implementation Guidelines, WSDOT will evaluate and regularly update the Plan.

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